Note on Chicken Farming

Yesterday I visited a Broiler Chicken Farming belonging to Pak Narto, a friend of mine, in a village, West of Wates, Kulon Progo, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.  He had three chicken coops for raising total of 95.000 chickens.  Each coop produces 8-9 trucks of waste consisting of rice husk and chicken manure per 40 days. He told me that he had difficulties in handing more or less 26 trucks per 40 days.  I gave him two options: 1. Mix well the material, pile it up up to 1.5 m height 2 m wide, add biostarter of fungal origin layer by  layer 30 cm thick during piling, cover the pile with thick UV resistant plastic sheet for at least tree month composting process. Of course it will need a substantially large area of land; 2. Use a small scale combustion system to produce heat from the waste. He told me that heating is needed during the first 10 days of raising the chicks and so far they had been using 25 of 12 kg gas cylinders per coop, or a total of 75 cylinders per 40 day-cycle. For the gas he has to spend US$ 600 to US$ 700 per cycle.

Idonesia demand is 2,2 billion chickens per year. A lot of small scale combustion system should be needed for raising chicken alone.


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